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Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Package

Our Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Package is the most chosen tour among all the other packages available. This gives our customers ample time to visit and enjoy every place and no rush.

Package Including

Sundarban 2Night 3Days Package Include:
  • Pickup Drop Kolkata to Kolkata
  • All Food Menu
  • Hotel Accommodating
  • Evening Entertainment Program
  • Jungle Permition 
  • Camp Fire

Tour Location

Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Location

 Day 1:  Mr. Hamilton's bungalow, Rabindranath Tagore's bungalow, bird's jungle

 Day 2: Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Banabibi Bharani, Deul Bharani, Panchmukhani, Dobaki Watch Tower.

 Day 3: Sajanekhali Watch Tower, Mangrove Interpretation Center, Banabibi Temple, Crocodile Pond, Kamat Pond, Sarakkhali, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower.

Food Menu

Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Food Menu

 Day 1: 
Morning : Welcome Drinks, Tea / Coffee
At noon: Rice, pulses, purple, vegetables, side fish and sarsabata, vhetki fish, sweet yoghurt, chutney, papar, salad.
Afternoon: Chicken chop, salad, tea / coffee.
At night: Rice / bread, fried, pulses, desi chicken, salad, sweet

 Day 2: 
Breakfast: Luchi, gram pulses, boiled eggs, sweets, tea / coffee.
Amudi fish fried, salad.
Lunch: Rice, pulses, fried potatoes, vegetables, desi katla fish, crab, salad, chutney, panpar.
Evening: egg devil, egg pokora, tea / coffee.
Dinner: - Rice / Fried Rice, Bread, Meat, Salad, Sweet, Yogurt

 Day 3: 
Breakfast: Potato paratha (3 pieces), raita, anchar, honey, tea / coffee.
Lunch: Rice, fried pulses, vegetables, cheese, lobster malaikari chutney, panpar, salad.

Hotel Photos

Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Hotel Photos

Tourist Boat

Sundarban 2Nights 3 Days Tour Tourist Boat Photos

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